How to Start a Crypto Hedge Fund in New York

Simon Riveles Crypto Hedge Funds

While hedge funds have been a popular choice for those not looking for much risk in terms of investing, the newest investment option is known as a crypto hedge fund. A hedge fund is a way for a person to invest a large group of securities which is managed by expert investors. At this time, there are two different types of cryptocurrency hedge funds: those that manage portfolios with just cryptocurrency and those that have added this cryptocurrency to their mix. Riveles Law Group can help give expert legal advice to clients on how to start a crypto hedge fund in New York.

Benefits of Crypto Hedge Funds

This type of hedge fund seeks to maximize returns by adding ICOs (newly-offered coins) to the mix. This is less profitable but has seen success in a short time of its popularity. For those that want to get in on the Bitcoin growth, making an account is easier with the help of our hedge fund team. Your account is managed on a platform that allows you to invest in a select mix of cryptocurrencies. This also allows you to compare how different movements are doing over a period of time. While it’s hard to predict these currencies’ value, this easy-to-use platform makes it easy to track values over time.

Call Us to Learn More about Crypto Hedge Funds

As a hedge fund attorney team, we have years of experience helping individuals to start hedge funds. Now with the change in investment options, we now have the opportunity to help you to start a crypto hedge fund in New York too. To learn more about your investment options or to ask any questions to our hedge fund attorney team, call us at 212-785-0096 today.

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