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As a hedge fund attorney group, Riveles Law Group has years of experience counseling managerial staff in all parts of fund formation or structuring as well as compliance requirements. Our attorneys are committed to helping our clients to launch their businesses as well as to navigate the ever-changing landscape. We represent a large range of hedge funds with assets from 1 million and beyond while using strategies that include Forex, futures, long or short equity, complex option spreads, long-term value investing, fund of fund, tax liens, and much more.

How We Can Help You

To avoid the high costs associated with starting hedge funds, managers attempt to build marketable track records to use their own capital in a hedge fund model. This is done by using a variety of investment strategies. At Riveles Law Group, we help managers to form funds in an affordable way. Our legal expertise allows us to advise managers who are seeking to attract taxable U.S. investors or offshore, or U.S. tax-empty investors through establishing various structures that make it easy for them to commit. We also help to establish a manager who wants to add fund structures within side letter agreements or to create relationships with solicitors, finds or third-party marketers.

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Our hedge fund attorney team at Riveles Law Group helps to prepare private placement memoranda for our clients. We also collaborate with fund managers to create investment goals and strategy descriptions. From there, we assist fund managers with adviser registration requirements as well as managers of futures and forex funds too. For specific information about your jurisdiction’s regulatory requirements and to start a hedge fund, call us at 212-785-0096 today.

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