What Is a Private Equity Fund Law Firm?

Simon Riveles Private Equity Funds

At the Riveles Law Group, we have experience in forming private equity funds with various investment strategies in New York. Whether start-up technology, renewable energy, real estate, oil and gas, or debt financing; our private equity fund law firm can work with managerial staff to develop these structures. During the development stage, we take into account various things such as securities laws, cross-border investment issues, tax issues, and investment objectives. Our legal experience includes knowing how to negotiate all parts of fund formation and professional legal advice in the long term. 

Private Equity Fund Legal Services

Our legal team can help advise on different business entities options including and not limited to: limited liability company (LLC), series LLC or limited partnership, to name a few. We can also counsel on strategy descriptions, fund structure, compensation provisions with same business entity, hurdle rates, valuation procedures, and other fund terms. Our professional NY private equity fund law firm can also advise on optimal tax structures of various funds as well as prepare term sheets, private memoranda, and other business documents.

Our legal team is well versed in all state and federal laws pertaining to investor suitability and qualifications. We can implement any and all exit strategies effectively too. Best of all, we can facilitate introductions to auditors, brokers, markets or administrators, all specializing in liquid investments in and around New York.

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At Riveles Law Group, we pride ourselves on advising a variety of clients on investment options. Our clients include commodity pool operators and trading advisors, broker-dealers, introducing brokers, exempt reporting advisers, and SEC and state registered investment advisers. To learn more about what our private equity fund law firm can do for you, call us at 212-785-0096 today.

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