How to Start a Real Estate Fund

Simon Riveles Real Estate Funds

When it comes to investments, we at the Riveles Law Group can offer expert legal counsel to those interested in learning more about how to start a real estate fund. These real estate funds are used to diversify one’s long-term investment portfolio in New York. A real estate fund is a type of mutual fund that focuses on investing directly in securities that are offered by public real estate companies. Most of these real estate funds are invested in either corporate or commercial properties, while some may be with apartment complexes, raw land or agriculture space. This type of fund invests in properties directly or indirectly through the use of real estate investment trusts or REITs.

Pros and Cons of Real Estate Funds

The benefit of investing in this type of fund is that there’s a lower investment entry cost. They also offer a highly-liquid method of investing in real estate. They also are flexible, which allows investors like yourself to invest in a variety of different types of real estate. Also, REITS generally give more of an income, however, neither provides long-term capital appreciation, so you will have to continuously change your investment pattern. However, real estate funds that don’t invest with REITS can offer this appreciation and fund value appreciation too.

Learn More About Real Estate Fund Investment

Real estate fund investment allows you as an investor to reap the benefits as if you’re investing in a mutual fund. Riveles Law Group can offer regular legal counsel to those interested in this type of investments and those looking to learn how to start a real estate fund too. To learn more about our legal services, call our attorney team today at 212-785-0096.

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