Legal Help for How to Form a Venture Capital Fund

Simon Riveles Venture Capital Funds

When you’re beginning to form a venture capital fund, you will want the expertise of Riveles Law Group in New York by your side. We have experience in providing comprehensive legal counsel to those seeking to form venture capital funds. We represent venture funds focuses on start-up technology in 3D printing, mobile apps, digital marketing, robotics, health tech, and even artificial intelligence, to name a few industries. At Riveles Law Group, our team is skilled in assisting funds across these industries when they’re forming, structuring or just doing overall ongoing operations. Our attorney team can provide focused expert counsel to many portfolio companies when it comes to capital raising efforts too as well as on technology law, employment, intellectual property, commercial contract, corporate governance, and other practices.

Venture Capital Fund Services in NYC

At Riveles Law Group, we can advise on business entity selection including LLC, series LLC or limited partnership. We also can counsel our New York clients on fund structure, compensation provisions and optimal tax structure of their venture capital funds. We are well versed in all legal documents including subscription documents, operating agreements, contracts, and term sheets. Our venture capital fund team helps to facilitate introductions to important individuals such as brokers, auditors, administrators, and even marketers that specialize in various liquid investments. Best of all, we can counsel you on any marketing regulations, tax requirements or other registration requirements to ensure your venture capital fund formation is legal in your state and for all federal laws too.

Call to Learn More About Venture Capital Fund Formation Today

At Riveles Law Group, we have a series of legal professional well versed in a variety of investments including venture capital funds and hedge funds. To learn more about how to form a venture capital fund or to ask any questions you have about them, call our professional team at 212-785-0096 today.

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